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FX TRADING CORP (FXTC) They are Korean team that have experience in a field of Forex and Cryptotrading. And they developed a software that helps many investors make money from mining companies around the world with the major coins (Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and etc)

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How they make a profit?
They created an exclusive software with artificial intelligence system calls "Bots" for trading a cryptocurrency with different price in 2 markets. This strategy is called "Arbitrage Trading"

Don't forget they don't trade by theirself but they use "Bots" for trading and it can trade 24/7 days. That is an importance that why this company is most interest for investment.

If you don't have experience or not proficient in this market, this is an opportunity to earn profits automatically and gain a lot of growth.
They have many plans for different investor to choose appropriate investment plan for each. However for each package you will earn up to 2.5% of your investment from Monday to Friday for 200 days.

This is a basic income that you will get after join this investment. There are other profit that you will get more if you can invite other to join your team like network marketing but it is not require. By your investment you will get up to 400%.

You only invest and wait for "Bots" work then get your money back. That's all !!!

Can FXTC be reliable?
FXTC has over 300,000 investors in 180 countries worldwide.

Is FXTC a scam?
FXTC has real bitcoin trading Can be viewed from the robot's work page

Where does the company pay?

FXTC has 4 main revenue streams,
1. Profit from the work of bots The company will pay the profit to pay dividends to investors on Monday - Friday. While Saturday-Sunday at BOT works, the profit will be kept for the company 100%

2. Every time an investor buys a package, he must pay a $ 10 fee to the company.

3. Investor withdrawal fees based on 5% of the withdrawal amount or 10% in the case of more than 1 withdrawal / week (The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50)

4. Binary bonus fee of the investor at the first level will be deducted into the company. The investor will receive a binary bonus from level 2 (will explain the next time)

Why you have to invest with us because our team has a growing number of members each day. Therefore, when investing with us, you will get a free down-line without needing to find someone yourself. Which will make your work easier in the case of you want to expand your network, the specified number of points (Score) means the amount of money generated by the line that you have a chance to receive.

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Before you join the team of FX Trading Corp. you must have bitcoin account first.

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